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The current joke is that Kartana faints to the weakest Ember. That got me thinking, is there an Ember that Kartana can survive?

Scenario 1
Assume both Pokémon are level 50. Kartana has a Jolly Nature. No Focus Sash.

Scenario 2
Feel free to adjust levels, stats and Natures as much as you want. No Focus Sash.

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I find this hilarious (x4 effective, Kartana has terrible SpD, Ember is SpA)

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That took a while.

Yes, there is. Or, are.

You know, Ember doesn't exist as a move in the Smogon Damage Calc, and Kartana is unreleased in others.

So I gave up. Almost. My curiosity won over and tried it methodically.

Bagon is the Pokemon that can learn Ember with the least Special Attack, and it doesn't even get STAB. And lo and behold, it causes only 53% damage.


For good measure, I added the Pokemon with the next least Special Attack, Fletchinder, which gets STAB. At Joly nature, Kartana still survived w/ 8% health.

All Pokemon were Jolly in nature.

I realise you gave two scenarios, but I got only till playing out one. Hope you don't mind.

So basically if everything except for the Pokemon that uses ember is the same and the Pokemon using ember has a higher special attack stat than Fletchinder, Kartana Isn't gonna survive?
Yup, basically. Not counting STAB boost, so another mon with a higher special attack, but not fire type might still not OHKO Kartana. *might*

but yeah, that about sums it up.