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Like the question says. One guy in our group figured out that Milotic was my best Pokemon after it single handedly beat him a few times and is using a Kartana with choice scarf to utterly destroy it. This thing is so fast it just spams leaf blade over and over and kills my entire team. It even my ruins my main strategy of stalling with toxic and healing move before going for a sweep with my dragon dancer. So what are some good Pokemon and strategies that deal with a scarfed Kartana? It's getting really annoying to be owned by a paper of all things. And no legendaries. That is the rule we agree to

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Defensive Steel Types like Celesteela can come in on most attacks Kartana uses and threatens Kartana back with Flamethrower. Skarmory can also do the same thing with the added boost of Roost, but can't threaten Kartana efficiently except with niche moves like Counter.

Other scarfers that can KO with special attacks (ex. HP Fire Scarf Greninja, HP Fire Scarf Serperior)

Bulky Grass types like Amoonguss and Tangrowth can wall Kartana's Leaf Blades.

Bulky Volcarona take both of Kartana's STAB attacks and threatens it with a STAB Fire move, as well as being able to come in to Kartana multiple times if it has Roost and Stealth Rock is not up on the field.

Other Scarf Kartana can speed tie with Scarf Kartana, if you feel risky enough to win a speed tie and get a KO with a Sacred Sword. Although you need an entry hazard like Spikes up (or just prior damage on the opposing Kartana) because 1 Sacred Sword isn't enough to KO Kartana from full HP.

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Oh sweet. I didn't even know Celesteela can learn flamethrower. Now I have a newcomer for my team

Fight fire with fire? I don't wanna take that chance. For some reason, even if the speed is tie, the other guy always goes first. This game hates me

Thanks a lot for this
If Kartana has a choice scarf, then Skarmory can take advantage of the opportunity to use spikes.
That is a good point however I don't wanna take that chance as I need to kill Kartana asap and I don't think it is a good idea for Skarmory and Celesteela to be on the same team. For now, it is the only thing stopping my team because of its ridiculous attack
also another option I didn't mention is Magnet Pull Magnezone, if Kartana selects one of its STAB moves, you can trap it and KO it without worrying about it switching and coming back in later to start sweeping again
I didn't even think of that. Although I will have to sacrifice one of my pokemon to do that due to how obvious the Magnezone trap is when you see it in team preview so I think I'm gonna be safe and go with Celesteela