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Smogon has three sets for Kartana - Choice Band, Choice Scarf and LO + Swords Dance. I want to use Kartana, but I can't decide which is the best.

Choice Band gives it a lot of power, but 348 speed isn't stellar by any means, and with its paltry SpDef and HP, it's gonna die very easily. Choice Scarf fixes that, but leaves it lacking for power. The previous two also lock it into one move, which futher decreases it's usability. SD + LO don't lock it into anything, but the set-up turn + LO recoil means that isn't going to last very long.

So, which of these three is the best way to use Kart? Or is it something else entirely?

Note that my team contains Barraskewda under rain, so I guess I do have 1 mon faster than Pult and Zera.

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First of all, why do you even have a Kartana under rain? Kartana has no business being on a rain team but I won't go into detail on that because that's not the question

The simple answer is that none of those is the best way to use Kartana. There is almost no single best way to use a Pokemon if all its sets are equally viable. It would all depend on your team

If you are using a choice band Kartana, then its role is as a wall breaker. This one requires anti metal birb support so that Kartana can freely use its stabs. The disgusting Magnezone is a good partner because it can get rid of both metal birb and durian for Kartana

Sd lo Kartana mostly follows the same rules as band except it has more freedom for its moves. Unlike band however, this one requires slightly less support because it can freely choose moves. Instead, what it needs are stuff that can handle the faster threats like Koko and Dragapult, which is also something band needs

Finally, scarf Kartana is different. It acts as both speed control and cleaner. It should be preserved for a late game sweep and clean up after the enemy team is weakened. This one would focus more on revenge killing since scarf Tana is the fastest common scarfer in the tier. It also needs similar support to choice band. Also, contrary to what the other answer says, do not use adamant Kartana. You do not want to be unable to revenge kill Garchomp

In the end, it all depends on whether your team needs a cleaner or breaker

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Timid kart sweep ez tech
Also, banded kart can kind of beat corv and ferro by itself although some prediction and planning is nessicary, although yes, they prevent instant use of stabs.
For corv, you just need chip on it. If you knock off corv's (possible) lefties, and have them be forced to not heal enough or not heal at all, you can kill it with sacred. Normally you can do this via doubling with rocks and forcing chip that way by forcing it out.
As for ferro, sp Def variants have a chance to straight up die, and phys Def variants get cleanly 2hkod
Thanks a lot buddy
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I say the Choice Scarf set.

[email protected] Scarf
EVS - 252 Attack, 4 SpDf, 252 Speed
Adamant Nature
Moveset -
1. Leaf Blade
2. Smart Strike
3. Knock Off
4. Sacred Sword

As you can see, a Jolly nature would not make much difference considering you're scarfed. Also, Adamant nature boosts your already monstrous attack, making it a great sweeper. Switch out for any issues with the scarfed move.

Hope I helped!