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I don't think it would, to be completely honest. But I don't wanna post it as an answer. :3

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Ok, I will take a shot at this

If it is an Imposter Ditto :
> As soon as the user comes into battle, it transforms into its
> opponent, copying the opponent's stats exactly, with the exception of
> HP. Imposter copies all stat changes on the target originating from
> moves and Abilities such as Swords Dance and Intimidate, but not from
> items such as Choice Specs. Imposter will not transform the user if
> the opponent is disguised or behind a substitute. Imposter does not
> copy its opponent's IVs, but it does copy all EVs except for HP.
> In Double and Triple Battles, Imposter will affect the opponent in the
> position directly opposite it.

Yes, It takes the boost from the thick club

If the ditto used transform:

A transformed Pokémon retains its original species for determining if
it is boosted by Pokémon-specific stat-enhancing items, with the
exception of Metal Powder and Quick Powder, which use the target's

Yes if the Ditto used Transformed

Hope this Helped


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You read the Imposter part wrong. And it seems to be saying that it won't be boosted by Thick Club, seeing as the original species is Ditto and not Marowak.

However, even though you appear to have read the information wrong, you still provided the information I need to answer my question.
oh yeah I did, I will edit this