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Well, I heard about this thing called the 'Time Machine' in Gen II. It could trade your Gen II Pokemon to Gen I, and it really did get me thinking. Like, Gen II Pokemon didn't exist in Gen I and so if you were able to break through the restrictions the game would be messed up. xD Of course, I may have just been dreaming altogether.

So, if my 'Time Machine' theory had not been a dream, what would the game say if you attempted to trade a Gen II Pokemon into Gen I? Or even a Dark or Steel type Pokemon? Would it say like:

>This Pokemon cannot be traded.

or something? And if you glitched up the game (which I could well understand would be pretty easy back then) to make you trade a Gen II Pokemon into Gen I, would a glitch Pokemon appear? Or would the game freeze or something or -- I'm really curious, as you can see.

Well... yeah. Of course, I may have just been dreaming about this 'Time Machine' thing but I think I saw some Sugimori art for it so... yeah. xD

Do you know?
All help appreciated. :D


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Yes, you can, but Generation II Pokemon cannot be traded to Generation I. Also Pokemon with moves from Gen II cannot be traded back. There is a glitch when you trade Pokemon back and they learn a move from generation II, and the move doesn't exist in generation I. This makes Glitch moves and glitch Pokemon. I hope this helps! -Jellohamster

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I kind of asked what would happen if you tried to do that. Like, what message it would say.
I understand that was a little specific. xD Best Answer. :)
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