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I don't own any games from Gen I or II; I'm just curious if it's possible.

If so, would you mind explaining how it works?



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Yep! And here's why:

In Generation II, shininess was determined by IVs. You needed Speed, Defense, and Special IVs of 10, and an Attack IV of 2, 3, 6, 7, 10, 11, 14 or 15. If you have those IVs, they are shiny (source)

If you transfer over a Generation I Pokemon with those certain IVs, the Pokemon will appear shiny.

This is proven in this footnote in Bulbapedia about Mew Machine Mews:

Mew distributed to Generation II games cannot be Shiny. All Mew distributed to Generation I games have a fixed set of IVs which do not match the requirements to be Shiny.

This means that if the Mew had matching IVs, all Mews that came from Mew Machines would be shiny!

So,yes, it is possible.

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These conditions only apply to mew. And I don't think any pokemon will have the perfect IVs for being a shiny in Gen I because shinies did not exixst at that time
But there is no one who got a shiny this way.Atleast no one on the internet.
There's nowhere that says it's not possible.
Well,there's also no where that says that it IS possible.
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No,it is not possible. According to this : http://www.serebii.net/gs/timecapsule.shtml and many other website on the internet,nothing has been mentioned about gettin a shiny.

Hope I helped!

It's entirely possible to get the IV spread.
They will appear shiny when transfered.