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So would I be able to trade a Pokemon from say ruby or diamon, would I be able to trade it down to gen 1?


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You can trade Generation I Pokemon (Blue/Red/Yellow) with other Gen I games or Gen II games (Silver/Gold/Crystal) but not beyond that. Also you can not trade any Gen II Pokemon to Gen I games.

All Pokemon in Gen I & II games are TRAPPED in those games and CAN NOT BE TRADED to Gen III - VI

If you want Gen I or II Pokemon you'll need to play the remakes (Fire Red/Leaf Green and Heart Gold/Soul Silver) and trade from there up to your new games.

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Actually I was wondering if I could trade down a kyurem to gen 1. :P
No. The developers made it so any new pokemon from "future" generations can't be traded down. You might could trade a pikachu (or other common early gen pokemon) from a newer gen game to a older gen game but there is still gap that can't be crossed between Gen 1-2 and Gen 3-5.
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Gen 1 was on GB Color, not Game Boy advanced. And its not possible to trade to Gen 1 except from other Gen 1 Games, which would be Red, Blue and Yellow. How could you trade from a newer game to an older 1 if the Pokemon did not exist yet? They wouldnt be in the coding.

So what would h if I happen if I traded from gen 5 to gen 4?
You can't Mr.E. You'll have to Poketransfer VI to V.