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Sup guys, new to the forums but I'm just looking for a solid opening Pokemon to start with that can set up fast and take a solid amount of hits before going down. I was thinking possibly a Ferrothorn, or an Umbreon build, could you help me out?


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To be frank great defensive Pokemon involve...

Bronzong (with levitate ability)- hypnosis/ weather condition i.e. rain or sun

                                                -light screen
                                                - gyroball (sassy or relaxed nature should be used for a bigger impact.

Altaria (natural cure or cloud9) --leftovers item--
-cotton guard < with this and roost your pretty much immune to physical moves
- roost
-Draco metoer/ fireblast/dargon pluse< for everything else except steel PKMN
-earthquake< for steels

Umberon (best defense- hard to use thou) --left overs item--
-curse/toxic: curse is hard to come across for umberon so toxic every thing dat isnt immune
-moonlight/ confuse ray: recovery/ confuse ray helps with stall so you recovery more HP while they die
-protect/ confuse ray: stall untill toxic kills em-fun 4 you, but very annoying 4 victim
-payback/snarl/ confuse ray: payback- to avoid taunt issue/ snarl-support/ stall

Shunckle: best defence/ and a complete killer glass cannon if played on offencive

-rest(chesto berry)
-stealth rock: really hurts fire/ flying and bug pkmn that switch in
- safe guard:support team so no status issues
-struggle bug: useless to have bugbite as shuckles attack sucks, struggle bug is just to make their special attackers useless.

-power trick: for god sake us this risky set after trick room or it will fail.
-bugbite/rock slide/ stone edge
-stealth rock

Skamory(jolly nature)--lifeorb--
-brave bird <breed with swanna
-stealth rock< tm tutor

Cloyster (jolly)--focus sash-- forgets its crap sp def, its a great physical wall and sweeper
-rock blast<breed with corsola-make sure it has rock blast too.
-icicle spear: make sure your cloyster has skill link the ability- its beasty.
-shell smash: should always be the first move used and focus sash helps you do dat.
-razor shell

Musharna (relaxed/bold/calm)--leftovers/ wide lens--
-dream eater
-trick room/ calmmind
-charge beam/ shadow ball

And thats all my defensive pkmn's AKA a few of the best non legendaries.

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Wow I really appreciate all of these ideas, they're really interesting builds. I might give Clotster and Umbreon a chance
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Ferrothorn would be great.

Ferrothorn @ Rocky Helmet/Leftovers
252 Def / 252 HP / 4 Atk
Power Whip
Thunder Wave
Stealth Rock
Leech Seed

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There are many Pokemon capable of being great supporters, but here's one of my personal favorites.

[email protected]/shed shell
Ability: Sturdy
Evs: 252 hp 252 def 4 sp def
-Brave Bird/Drill Peck/Taunt

And here's another

[email protected] card
Ability: sturdy
Nature: relaxed
Evs: 252 hp 8 atk 248 def
Ivs: 0 speed
-Gyro Ball
-Stealth Rock
-Rapid Spin

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why 252 Atk if you plan on having one attack move?
Oh that's a typo. My bad. I meant defense. I was working on a team while I wrote this answer, which means I'm probably running a scarf landorus with 252 def.
lol ok xD
I never thought of Skarmory as anything special, I'll give him a try, thanks