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I really want to Train a Blissey and I already tried a Offensive moveset but it doesn't work...
I think if I put Blissey's Defense in MAX more her HP MAX she could have a Decent Combination...
Because the MAX of Defense is 130 and the MAX of HP is 714 if we plus both and divide for 2 it will be something like this:
130+714 = 844
844/2 = 422 for each Value...
Is this Reality?
Thx for the Atention!
Sorry if error in somes expressions I'm just 14 and from Portugal!


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Blissey could have never been an Offensive threat. It has a 10 base attack stat and 130 at maximum. You aren't going to be killing anything with that. Blissey's role was meant to be a Bulky Behemoth. But chansey does a much better job then Blissey does. When chansey is holding the eviolite

This item, when attached to a Pokémon that is capable of evolution,
will boost the Pokémon's Defense and Special Defense by 50%

Chansey's defense when holding the eviolite reaches 178(.5) when it has the beneficial nature wich in this case would be Bold

Her Special Defense when holding the eviolite reaches 408 if it is perfectly IV and EV trained. Chansey can still do a lot of damage but with moves such as seismic toss

Seismic toss
> This move does damage equal to the user's level


The user counters the foe by double the damage it previously received
from it

Thee traits make chansey a much better both defensively as special defensively wall

You can't have 422 for each value. You can only max 508-510 EV train a Pokemon, meaning that if you want to max out your Pokémon's HP and Defense, you would have to train it 252 HP and 252 defense with Bold as the recommended nature

This link directs you to a page with Pokémon that give HP EV
This link directs you to a page with Pokémon that give Defense EV

Hope this helped in a way

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I Just don't understand the IV Training...
Jojo, Blisseys double slap is kinda legendary...
*EV training. I don't know if that was a typo or you confused the two, but EVs = Effort Values (which can be changed through battling) and IVs = Individual Values (which determines a Pokemon's performance, and are set for the specific Pokemon from your first encounter with it).