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So while looking into Blissey's movepool, I just found out that it can learn Psych Up. This made me wonder if Confide is even worth using since with Psych Up, You can just copy CM boosts from the likes of Primal Kyogre and Geomancy boosts from the likes of Xerneas, making you even bulky. Though Confide has the great Utility of Lowering the opponent's SpA, I still think Psych Up is more useful. So what do you think?

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Confide > Psych Up

First of all, Confide has more PP than Psych Up. Second, Blissey doesn't require any Special Attack move except for Shadow Ball but that's incredibly niche and useless most of the time.

Blissey has to check a lot of stat boosting Special Attackers such as Geomancy Xerneas, Calm Mind Primal Kyogre, Arceus formes, etc. etc. Psych Up having incredibly less PP of 16 means that by forcing switch-ins and having the PP exhausted, the attackers can easily set-up to infinite and break Blissey without much trouble.

Confide doesn't suffer the same thing, however. It has same PP as Calm Mind and twice of Geomancy, which means the special stat boosting swepers can't stack up SpA boosts enough to break Blissey.

On the other hand, copying SpA boost doesn't really help it. Blissey's SpA is awful no matter how many boosts, the chances of Blissey counter-sweeping is very rare. If you want to copy stat boosts, then use Ditto, not Psych Up Blissey.

Lastly, Blissey requires a lot of moves: Soft-Boiled, Aromatherapy / Heal Bell, Seismic Toss, Confide, Toxic, Teleport, etc. With all these options limited to only 4 choices, it's not possible for Blissey to use an attacking move that isn't Seismic Toss so the SpA boosts won't help in any way.

Hope this helps!

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I think psych up because blissey doesn't need really confide to be a special wall since it has such high HP and special defence already, but psych up is good to copy the opponents boosts then hit them with a special move.

This is just my perspective so you can use whatever you want depending on the rest of your team.

Have you ever seen a Blissey with an attacking move that isn't Seismic Toss?
I use serene grace tri attack blissey
Hm yes Psych Up Tri-Attack Blissey is so much better as a special breaker than something like Xerneas or Dynamax Kyogre there's such a good reason to use it over them. It's not like Blissey is a Special wall with base 80 special attack who needs confide to not be beat by Calm Mind Arceus formes, Dynamax Kyogre, Calm Mind Primal Kyogre, and Geomancy Xerneas or anything...
It has base 75 special attack not 80
Blissey always needs Natural Cure over Serene Grace, not sure what you're talking about
It works for me, the question asked what I think so I said that.