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NatDex AG

If its good or "workable" at least, Which Yveltal is better?

Pls Answer, And Have a Good Day.

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It's not, you have like a ton of other, better moves

What do you want to SwagPlay against? Zacian-C can come for free on Yveltal, and if you even do Swagger it, you might just axe your own leg if the Zacian pops out of confusion. Yveltal usually likes to run other moves, like Defog, Taunt, Knock Off, U-Turn or Toxic. SwagPlay is a waste of a moveslot (the Swagger one, Foul Play is viable) if you don't get the lucky confusion, and would always be outclassed by other moves, especially the one I noted above.
Let's take another Swagger user to compare, though. In ORAS AG, Keys (Klefki) was a very big threat due to Prankster Thunder Wave, Spikes and SwagPlay. What it has over Yveltal is access to Prankster Thunder Wave, making it comparatively easier for Klefki to perform SwagPlay in tandem with confusion! Sadly, Yveltal suffers from 4MS, and you won't be able to fit everything here, and usually you'll be wanting other moves.

Tl;dr, it's not worth it.

Hope it helped!

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I see, May i ask tho: SwagPlay can help in the CM Arc Forme Matchup right? And in The Defensive Yveltal vs Yveltal?
As for Using Swagger on Zac-C, if its partnered with Ditto-
And besides, if its Sub, I can Sub first then hit it with a Foul or Roost Back up.Swagger is just there for the Matchup that SpDef Yveltal naturally can't win. But ig its just bad Overall.
Thanks alot for the response.
In the defensive Yveltal vs. Yveltal, it is going to win, yes, but it's situational and not worth it, and it's winning against some CM Arceus formes too, but it's very situational too, as you're losing to CM ReRe FairyCeus anyways, and if the opposing Arceus Dynamaxes, Yveltal would just waste a turn Swaggering lol.
No problem, hope it helped!