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Dude just look at the vr link posted to the answers to your previous questions. If a pokemon is not on the vr then it's probably not viable. The higher it is on the list the better that mon is

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Mega-Medicham is rendered obsolete by:

  1. Protect (crash high jump kick)
  2. Any actually strong move (subpar bulk)
  3. Literally any tiered Pokémon in the AG Nat Dex Format (think Zacian-Crowned, Groudon, Mega-Rayquaza).

Just don’t use it, find a lower format, anything in AG will blow right past it without batting an eye.

Edit: SSWD asked for an alternate choice, so here we go.

If you’re looking for a fast, extremely powerful wallbreaker like Mega Medicham that is actually viable in NatDex AG, I recommend Zacian-Crowned. With monstrous Atk, Speed, and defensive stats, this thing will blow past any (physically) defensive force in AG. It doesn’t hurt that it has great typing, with Behemoth Blade (BP 100???) and Play Rough both being STAB. Quite a force to be reckoned with, as well as access to Swords Dance and Intrepid Sword as an ability. All in all, M-Medicham sucks in NatDex AG, use Zacian-Crowned or other physical wallbreakers to replace it.


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Its gen 8 so theres ni format outside of AG i believe
Since it can’t be used outside of Nat Dex in gen 8, just don’t use it in gen 8, it is severely outclassed.
National Dex OU is a gen 8 format where Medicham is a reasonable choice.
And again, this is all information you could find by typing "medicham" into Smogon's strategy dex.
I probably wasn’t looking hard enough, I looked up Medicham in Smogon and it vaguely said National Dex. I did some research on past gens and M-Medicham landed in OU, I also checked usage rates and it is used approximately 3.67%.
What do you mean by 'no format outside of ag'? Gen eight is the current gen so there's all the stuff from ag down to pu

@Redmikki you were looking hard enough. You gave the viability rankings and that's good enough. Most other pokemon that are used in a tier but aren't ranked means that niche is so small