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Basically I use T-tar as Calyrex counter. After adding Yveltal to my team, has it made my Tyranitar redundant?
If you need to know, my team is Ditto, Necrozma (dusk mane), Primal Groudon, Ho-oh and the two of them listed above.

Oh and if not, what should I replace it with?

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Oh and if not, what shld i replace it with?
It's still okay, but I think maybe you should use Xerneas
Do you have stone edge on primal groudon?

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Concerning your team, there isn't much of a worry about the type overlap because the only weakness they share is to Fairy, which is easily checked by P-Groudon and Necrozma-DM (Because the most common Fairy Type is Zacian-C). However, I still feel that having both Yveltal and Tyranitar is a little redundant as you said. While they are both solid team members, you don't need Tyranitar as a Calyrex-S check when a Yveltal Sucker Punch will easily do the job, even against a Dynamax Calyrex-S. Because of this, I would recommend getting rid of Tyranitar for another Pokemon. There is mostly 1 Pokemon I would recommend you use. Like Prof. Dell said, it would be Xerneas. It helps check Zygarde-C as well as the other Dark and Dragon types your team lacks the coverageto check, especially Dark types and Zygarde-C (Throw in Mega-Ray in there as well). My proposed set:

Xerneas @ Power Herb
Fairy Aura Ability
252 SpA/252 Spd/4 HP
Timid/Modest Nature
-Hidden Power Fire

HP Fire checks the Steel types of Zacian and Necrozma-DM. Thunder for coverage or Psyshock to break through Special Walls. I run Psyshock, but Thunder is on Smogon's set.

Since i hb some trouble with opposing  primal groudon, shld i run primak kyogre or mega ray instead?
Xerneas covers P-Don just fine.  A Max Starfall/Mindstorm is almost a guaranteed OHKO.  And if you don't plan on Dynamaxing Xerneas, Dynamax Sweeper Yveltal takes care of it.
That's not how you can beat P-Don @J. Xerneas when setting up Geomancy gets damaged by Precipice Blades and most of the time under HP to get revenge killed by M-Ray's Extreme Speed, unless Max Mindstorm but its entirely redundant. Dynamaxing your Yveltal to take care of it isn't a good idea if they just switch-it into Arceus-Fairy or Dark. Hence, having a non-Dynamax counter for P-Don is more important.
I guess I always dealt with it wrong then :p.  I'll have to adjust my strategy then.  Thanks for mentioning that.  
@ Soul I would probably go with P-Kyogre then.  It will have to be switched it to P-Don, but it still gets the job done.  What would you recommend Swastik?
You can't switch-in to P-Kyogre, if they choose P-Blades over Fire Punch, you take hell of damage. The best counter for it right now would be Xygarde, Arceus-Ground and Arceus Water, defensively.