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I put the item on the rock stone and went underground. what the hell do I do next??


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It's hard I think... have you talk to 32 people in underground? Once you have obtained the Odd Keystone, put it in the stone and you must go underground and TALK TO 32 PEOPLE! annoying, huh?

Very annoying!! there's only those fat hiker guys down there. well thats all I can find.
Well... I don't have idea about that...
NPCs doesn't count..sorry
You can't get it without another person. Once you do have another person, just go in and out of your base and talk to them. Do that 32 times, it makes it much easier. Still annoying though. Who would ever get it without some sort of guide?
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Here... you must steal 100 flags, talk to 32 people, and put the odd key stone in the lost tower. The keystone will be given to you by a woman on the left of Hearthome, and the tower is on the trail to the right.

Do you have to talk to 32 different people?
once youve done that does spiritomb just pop up  or something? do you have to go to a certain place to find spiritomb after 32 people have been talked to?
you just have to interact with the lost tower then you automatically battle him!