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The reason I'm asking is, that I'm playing Pearl, BUT the game card REFUSES to connect to the internet/wifi regardless which device I'm using (DS and 2DS XL).

So can I complete the game (getting all the Pokemon in the pokedex) without wifi/internet or not?

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Not sure if it’s possible without WiFi, but this video demonstrates how you can connect online with DS games despite official servers being shut down: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Sh0AZR-tKwM
To get the national Pokedex and finish the game, you only need to see all Sinnoh Pokemon. If you still want to catch Spiritomb, then you might want to try connecting to another game using local networks.
You definitely need at least 2 DSs and 2 copies of a Sinnoh game. Do you have access to those? If yes, can you try going underground in both games and finding each other?

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Wireless is not "Wi-fi". Talking to others in the Underground is a purely local thing.