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I no you need to go underground and talk to a number of people but when I go down I see no one. What am I doing wrong?


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These people have to be real people met through Wi-Fi connection.

If you have two game consoles and two games, bring them both down to the underground and you should be able to see each other.

There is a trick to the Spiritomb thing - apparently, if you consecutively go down to the Underground, interact to the person, and go up, and consecutively do that a number of times until you get Spiritomb.

Remember, actually talk to the person. :3

Hope I helped. :)
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You need to speak to other players (other people who own the game) 32 time whilst underground. If two players go underground at the same time via wireless, they will be able to communicate and meet with each other of they went underground in around the same area.

Once that has been done, you need to put an Odd Keystone in the Hallowed Tower on Route 209 (you can find one easily by using the Dowsing Machine in Twinleaf Town, mining in the Underground or finding one from a Black Belt in Hearthome City). A Spiritomb will appear for battle if this is done correctly.