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This is not a q to find out how to get Spiritomb in Platinum, I want to know if you have to have internet to talk to people in the Underground, as I'm pretty sure I remember it being said they're real people playing. Thanks!

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I know you can trade just by putting 2 devices near each other without using Internet, but I have not tried that with the Underground.

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Yes you can get Spiritomb without internet. You don't need to have internet to access a wireless connection to talk to actual people to get Spiritomb. Each time a player talks to another player, the counter on their card is incremented. This counter reaching 32 is one of the prerequisites for encountering Spiritomb.
Source: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/The_Underground
I hope I've helped!

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Also, why was this downvoted, I see nothing wrong with it.
Yeah, all you have to do is turn on wireless and invite someone. And sorry I was wrong, you don't need internet. I'm very naive in device knowledge lol.
It's fine, me too.
I think the word "Internet" technically means any connection made using something called transfer control protocol/internet protocol. Then again, it's possible that all local wireless stuff uses this protocol, so you technically still need Internet.
Gotcha. :)