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I always assumed that Vitamins were drank or eaten (or mixed with Pokemon food). But wings... I don't know.

Just wondering.


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I think they just eat them. I mean lots of animals swallow birds without removing the feathers, so why can't a magical animal swallow just one?
Yea but... eating wings as is? I mean, if they're like the texture a real wing is... o_o

For some reason I thought that the wings were to be injected? Because the shaft bit is sharp, and I thought the coloured part of the wings would be like liquid EVs...

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Wings are suspected to be the feathers of Ducklett and or Swanna. So my explanation is this:

Not all wings can be used. To be precise the pretty wing. This is assumed to be a beautiful wing that would likely be given to graceful feathered Pokemon: Reshiram, Swanna, Togekiss,..
As for the other wings, they are probably configured into liquid. Druids used to also mix wings into potions and elixer to make energy, vitamin drinks for their tribe. This would probably also be the case to utilize the power wings on unfeathered Pokemon. Feathered Pokemon will likely have the wing put in between their other feathers as an accessory and would give them a moral boost to up their stat.

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Well, it's a video game, so I always assumed the feathers were "attached" and they dissolved or something. Maybe they give the Pokemon a power when held, and then lose that power? I never thought they were ingested internally.

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Wings work like Vitamins, but they only give 1 EV for each wing. Here is all the wings:

Clever - 1 EV to Sp. Def.
Genius - 1 EV to Sp. Att
Health - 1 EV to HP
Muscle - 1 EV to Att
Resist - 1 EV to Def
Swift - 1 EV to Speed

The picture of Iris holding them is just a prize won in the Club Battle tournament, but no real use for them.

just saying... he probably means how wings were consumed by the pokemon. like drinking vitamins... but for wings.
thats why i hid my awnser