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Can someone give me some tips on completing the Pokedex. Also I can't get some Legendary Pokemon because I don't have any of the Previous Pokemon Games, any tips on that.


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Well...... I finished the PokeDex myself so i got some helpful tips.

1) Trade. Trade, trade and trade. Go on the GTS, ask for Trades on this website, a place specifically made for Pokemon trades.

2) If you really want to complete the PokeDex, you would buy the previous games for the previous generations. I had Emerald, SoulSilver and HeartGold.

3) Get a friend to help you. I didn't have any games from the fourth Generation so i got my best friend to help me by completing Platinum's Regional PokeDex.

4) Have fun. Be sure you want to do this because it can get really boring after a while. Remember, the reward is close to nothing, only a virtual certificate and the pride and the right to brag.

Hope i helped you!

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Can you be my Trading Buddy. You Trade Me the Pokemon that i need and I trade you the pokemon that you need after that we trade the pokemon Back to each other so we can both complete the Pokedex
 please say yes.
I gave away all my Pokemon to my friend. I still have a lot though. Yeah, i could be your trading buddy.
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Aww sweet. Thanks!
Let's Start Trading Once i Get A Copy of Pkmn White 2. Once you complete the pokedex you can get a Shiny Haxorus and The shining charm that increases the rate of seeing a shiny pokemon!
Sure. I'll start when i get B/W2 too, which is 1 or 2 months, i think.
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Well first you dont need event legendaries to complete the pokedex. But you can use Pokegen to make any pokemon you need for the Pokedex. Since you dont have any of the previous games thats the only way you can get/see every Pokemon.

But, I don't want to use Pokegen ;(
without previous games thats you only option seeing as you cant trade for pokemon over GTS unless you have seen them