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I really want a shiny charm, since I’ve never gotten a shiny outside of a wormhole before. I’m about 39% complete with the dex, so I’m obviously not very good at this. Is there any tricks to doing it? Is there specific Pokémon that work better for getting GTS trades or something? Should I do a bunch of Wonder Trading and see what I get? Just, what’s the quickest, most efficient way to complete the Pokédex in USUM (Ultra Sun, to be specific)?

There's a giveaway on the gts. Just deposit an Abra and you'll get a shiny and battle ready version of whatever you request. Just no mythicals tho

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What I do is if you want version exclusives, deposit your version exclusive in GTS and request the other one. Almost always works. For rare Pokémon, find a rare one, say, relicanth, and trade it for another rare one, and then trade that rare one for another rare one and so on. You don’t need to have the Pokémon to complete the dex, you just need to have had it at some point. Sometimes, trading wormhole shinies can also get you rare ones, because it can trick some newer trainers into thinking it is an incredible and valuable shiny, when it really isn’t.

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Hi! I just have a few tips.

1. Serebii is your best friend.
You can use the Pokedex page to either try and go number by number on the or go route by route and try and catch every Pokémon at each location. This website works great for this too!

2. Use GTS.
Putting in your version exclusive for its counterpart will usually work. You can also ask for the starters and stuff.

3. Ask your friends!
Lots of people will be more than willing to help you out.

4. Stock up on Quick Balls.
Quick balls are great for Pokedex completion. Just chuck one at the Pokémon as soon as you find it. Buy a bunch of ultra balls as well.

5. Have a high-level false swipe user.
I’d imagine most people know this, but this is the best way to catch Pokémon. I have mine hold a smoke ball to guarantee running away.

Hope I helped!

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The info about were Pokémon are is already on This site, she probably won’t need Serebbi
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