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I was just wondering. If I only have one Pokemon and the twin girls battle me will I battle them separately?

As far as I know you can't battle them with just one I think
Yep that's right :3

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Both the other answers are wrong.

If you only have one Pokemon, you cannot battle in any kind of double battle.
So you cannot battle the twins with one Pokemon in your party.

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before double battles were around they would battle you separately, but yeah they won't battle you now
Eh, double battles as a concept never really existed in the old games, so your point isn't great :D
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You use one Pokemon against their two I think

You won't enter the battle.
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>Pokémon Emerald onwards, two Trainers who see the player at the same time will be engaged in a Tag Battle. If the player has only one conscious Pokémon, Trainer classes who will only engage the player in Double Battles will ignore the player and comment that the player should bring two Pokémon to battle them - Bulbapedia

I was thinking of the older versions. Ruby and Sapphire. xD
Well, they'll ignore the player. If you go up to them, they'll comment that you will need another Pokemon.

Hope I helped. :)

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You won't enter the battle.
Edited. :3