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Im trying to get a pawniard with a adamant nature is there any way to pass it down from another pawniard?


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You will have to find a Pokemon that meets these requirements:

  • Is on this list.
  • Has an Adamant Nature.
  • Has male as their gender.
    Now, give this Pokemon an Everstone.

Done that? Now, you will need to find a female Pawniard. It just has to be female, it doesn't have to meet any requirements.

Once you have these two Pokemon, put them in the daycare, and wait for an egg.
Hatch the egg, and voila: an Adamant-natured Pawniard! Of course, you will have to train it from Level 1, but unless you want to keep searching in the grass, this method is sure to work.

Hope I helped. :)

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  1. Get a Pokemon in Pawniard's egg group. Make sure it is male.

  2. Get a Female Pawniard. This will make the egg hatch into one.

One of these Pokemon must have an adamant nature.

  1. Put an Everstone on the adamant one.

Now, if you breed them you will get an adamant Pawniard!

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Yes, if you have a parent pawniard with an adamant nature or a compatible adamant natured male parent you are breeding with a female pawniard, you can have them hold an everstone and they will pass down their nature to their offspring. In earlier games its only a certain percent it will be passed down, but I'm pretty sure its 100% in genV.