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Need it for my Metagross.

Metagross + Eviolite = useless
Eviolite only works on pokemon that are NFE (Not Fully Evolved)
Sorry I meant Metang

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Received from a scientist in the same building as the person with a Patrat, if over 25 BW/40 B2W2 Pokémon have been seen in the Pokédex.

So you can get it if you see 40 Pokemon.

Available using Simulator γ
Star Piece
Heart Scale
Rare Candy
Life Orb
Focus Sash

You can also get it in Dream Radar

Hope I helped! :) Dream Radar Bulbapedia Castelia City Bulbapedia

Also, like Master Kijani said, it won't have an effect on Metagross also.