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Metagross is my ABSOLUTE favorite Pokemon. So far I haven't encountered one or one of its earlier stages. I assume that they can be found in the route to get to gossenge town, but I STILL haven't seen one. I really want my favorite Pokemon to be with me as I finish up the Y series. Where can I find one or one of its earlier stages?


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Beldum, Metang, and Metagross are not available by normal means in Pokemon X & Y none of the Metagross line can be found in tall grass, caverns, ect... rather there's a feature of the game that can only be accessed in the post-game that unlocks Metang for capture.

The Friend Safari Zone is a feature found in X & Y that rewards players for having a large number of people on their friends list. The Friend Safari Zone scans your 3DS friends list and registers all of your friends and assigns them a type. It then creates an individualized Safari Zone containing Pokemon of that type. More Pokemon can be found in the Safari Zone depending on if that friend is online, or even playing X & Y.

To find Metang you need a friend with a Steel Type safari zone. Metang is found at level 30 and can have its hidden ability like all Pokemon in the Friend Safari Zone.

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Well how do I know who has a steel friend safari?
You don't, it's kinda hard to get because ur friend has to have steel safari and the second slot has a 1/3 chance of being metang
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Beldum, Metang and Metagross are not available in game but Metang is available to catch in the Steel Type Friend Safari.

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