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For my Yanmega.

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Its in the Dreamyard, on the 1st Floor in the center, behind a wall.

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To get TM Dream Eater in White 2/Black 2, first travel or fly to Striaton City. In B/W 2 you may or may not have to beat the Elite 4 and/or obtain the National Dex. Anyway, after you're in Striaton, head east past the Cafe and north into the Dreamyard. You will need a Pokémon with HM01 Cut. Cut the tree down. Navigate to the tall grass and head east. You will end up on the otter side of the wall and see a Pokéball. That is TM85 Dream Eater. (Note: If this is your first time in the Dreamyard, you will encounter Latios (B2) or Latias (W2). Hope this helped. :D

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