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Where is TM Rock Smash in White2?

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i really need to find the TM rock smash, on white 2, any idea where it is???

      thnx if you answer ^~^
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Okay, First, Go to the virbank complex,
Then talk to the guy near the entrance,
He will ask you to tell his workers (3) to get to work.
Simply find them all, battle 'em,
and return the the guy by the entrance and he will give it to you

I think that's how to do it, Hope I helped :)

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Firstly, I'd edit this if I could, but fill your titles with the most information as possible. Instead of 'I am tryin to find a tm?', make it 'Where is TM94 Rock Smash?'

As for your question, you can talk to a bald man in south of Virbank City, and you'll agree to defeat three workers in the Virbank Complex. Once you defeat all of them, return to the bald man to receive TM94 Rock Smash.

Hope I helped. :)
Source: Various parts of Serebii and this.

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It is at the Virbank Complex (located at the south of Virbank City). A man near the entrance to the area will give the TM94 to you if you defeat the three Workers who are there.

Source: Done it before.

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TM94 (Rock Smash) can be obtained from someone in the Virbank Complex.

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