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Stantler learns Megahorn and Extrasensory through breeding and belongs to Field egg group, I was wondering if I can somehow get one with both these moves through Cross/Chain Breeding. Can I? Please do elaborate, because I have not done cross/chain breeding much.

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No, it isn't really possible as for now since egg moves can only get passed down by the father. For this reason if the father knows megahorn and the mother knows extrasensory their offspring will only know Megahorn. Although this might seem a little disappointing it isn't. Stantler is a better physical attacker then a special one for if you are into competitive battling or if you would like to hit harder. Between the 2 moves I recommend that you chose Megahorn over Extrasensory. Megahorn can be passed on to a baby Stantler only if the father knows Megahorn

Pokémon that can pass down Megahorn to Stantler:

  • Nidoking
  • Rapidash
  • Rhyhorn
  • Rhydon
  • Rhyperior
  • Samurott
  • Sawsbuck
  • Bouffalant

Stantler can also learn Psychic if that would put you to rest. Not to forget it can also learn Zen Headbutt

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although Stantler has a better Attack Stat then a Special Attacking one it is a good mixed sweeper and/or a special attacker since it also has acces to enough Special attacking moves. But it exceeds in physical attacking
Yes, Stantler can learn Psychic, through TMs, but it has just 10PP, and extrasensory has got 30.
And I know basic Breeding, what I want is through Chain Breeding or Cross Breeding, like someone learning one move like Megahorn, and that offspring then transfers that move through another parent to the final offspring which can learn both moves, and hence Extrasensory and Megahorn as egg moves. I have seen pokemon learn about 4 moves and more, I'm talking about 2 of the specific moves
not all Pokémon can learn all 4 egg moves. It is only possibly to get all 4 egg moves if the father has acces to them or if there is a Pokémon of the same egg group that can learn all 4 or just 2 and used in chain breeding. This isn't the case for all Pokémon and Stantler is one of those Pokémon, for example: Tentacruel has both Mirror Coat and Rapid Spin as egg moves, yet it can't have both in it's moveset. This is because there aren't any Pokémon of it's egg group that can learn both Rapid Spin or Mirror and/or there aren't any Pokémon to chain breed it with. ( this example was taken of Bulbapedia. Although Psychic has less PP, it is stronger then Extrasensory. Although the Power differs by just 10 Points it changes a lot. With the PP Max you can get psychic up to 16 PP which is a lot for such a Powerful moves. Most Powerful moves have lower PP then the others and decreases the more Powerful the move gets with some exclusions such as Aura Sphere which has 32 PP at Max.