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You never get to talk back or reject a battle. Why not??


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Hmmm. Well, the game doesnt know what you would actually say, so I guess it just "answers for you." Also, the game says that refusing a battle is rude, so that sums up the battle rejection part.

However, some creepypasta addicts say that if you own a Shedinja, it sucks your soul out, because you stand behind the hole in its back, looking into it. Maybe thats why you're so quiet.

Hope this helps!

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How is rejecting a battle rude?
Because the other person is soooooooo excited to battle you that they may even jump up a ledge(Aroma lady Rose, pokemon sapphire) and then you just ignore them.

But anyway, you would  just kinda ignore them if you rejected their battle offer...
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Pokemon is not a Role-playing-game(rpg), that Nintendo has been clear from past 5 generations, therefore you are not left any choice, but to battle your opponent. There are trainers whom you can sneak behind, who are not watching in your direction, and continue in your quest to become the best trainer :p

Pokemon is an RPG.
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The Fact that you cannot talk means that the character wont say things that you wouldn't say. It helps immerse the Player in the Game bye allowing them to Insert there Personality Into the Character. Also in my opinion it makes the Character more cool and more bad ass.

Thats just what I think though I could be completely wrong XD