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Like I think in the Sinnoh series, I think one guy has a Darkrai, and also in Pokemon Platinum the Tower Tycoon has a Regigigas. I thought there was only one of each. But even if there aren't one of each, why do they make a big deal of them in the movies?


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There is only one of each legendary that the player can catch in each game to avoid a player having too many legendarys and making legendary Pokemon somewhat rare.

However, in the anime it has been shown that multiple legendarys exist such as the episode where there is a whole field of Shaymin. Also, characters in the anime often say things such as:
"Hey, it's a Manaphy!"
instead of :
"Hey, it's Manaphy!"
This implies that there is more than one Manaphy.
(not real quotes)

The reason that they make a big deal of legendarys in the movies because if they were weak the movies would be boring and no one would watch them = no money made.

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Then they should've made them one of each to boost the popularity, right?