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I know that the city looks different in each of the games but am I missing something here?

I've looked on every big Pokemon forum for an answer but none of them seem to tell you where to find the woman who tells you if your EV's are maxed out.. is she even in B2/W2?

I know her location in B/W but she isn't there in B2/W2.

Pretty new to B2/W2 (got both of them recently just so you know)

new to this website also :P sorry if this has already been asked but I can't find the answer anywhere haha (done ALOT of searching)


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The person who tells you your EVs in B2W2 is now Bianca. You can call her via the Xtransceiver and ask her to look at effort.

She's still pretty vague though.

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Thank you! I looked up about EVs and IV's some more and it seems it is easy to track them if you use 3 websites in particular. But the method I used is mainly helpful for tracking used pokemon.
If you want to look at IVs in game, go to Nimbasa, head to the Battle Subway, and there's a guy near the centre pillar, just infront of you when you enter the Subway. He's dressed as an Ace Trainer, and will tell you (roughly) what IVs your Pokemon has and its best stat.