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Are the characters you play as, what ever their names are (that would be helpful in your answer too, hint hint) the same People?
B2/W2 is two years after the original B/W, if they are the same person, they would be older. According to this answer their age is unknown.
Are they the same people?

The guy's name is Hilbert and the girl's name is Hilda(BW.) The guy's name is Nate and the girl's name is Rosa(B2W2.)

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No. They are not the same. The players in B/W are traveling with Zekrom or Reshiram around Unova and the other one (Zekrom or Reshiram) are traveling with N. You cannot see them, unless talking to the player's mom after you beat W2/B2.

Black and White 2 MAY be the sequel to it however in three years time. A gap like this can have numerous events counting, and so they might have let Unova or they are traveling with the a lengendary Pokèmon (see above)

Still, they are not the same. The sprites aren't the same and the cities and town have changed, along with more building too.

Edit: Prior to the comment above:
Hilbert (BW)
Hilda (BW)
Nate (BW2)
Rosa (BW2)

Thanks Your Worst Nightmare (credit for the names go to him)

Source: Wikipedia for quick search and Serebii

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Names, remember, hint hint?
It's 2 years just so you know. (not trying to sound rude, just bugs me a bit.)
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No, for several reasons:

-The previously champion's mom doesn't know you.
-N will say that you remind him of some person 2 years ago.
-There is your mom and the 2 years ago mom, which ARE different.
-No badges to start.
-No pokes to start with.
-Cheren(1st leader in b2/w2) doesn't know you.
-Just because they look the same, doesn't mean they are the same.

Names, remember, hint hint?