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I recently got poke bank and have already Transferred Kyurem and Zekrom from Pokemon White to Pokemon X. I was wondering if there are any rare Pokemon or Pokemon with rare abilities that are worth bringing over. I would also like to know if there are any good moves that can be learned by Pokemon in B/W/B2 that can't be learned in X/Y.

Stealth rocks Tm/move tutor?
Are you sure stealth rock is useful and everything else isn't?
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You should transfer:
Gen 5 Starters
Swords of Justice legendaries
Forces of Nature legendaries

Also check out this video where he talks about Hidden Abilites you cant get anymore.
I would catch a random Pokémon and then take the party members and put them in the box so basically transfer everything

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Good Pokemon that are worth transferring from B2/W2 to X and Y are any Pokemon not available in X and Y and event Pokemon. There are 81/156 Unova Pokemon in the Kalos Regional Dex, which is close to half. 0 of those are legendary Pokemon. The other half is in Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire. So what I would recommend to transfer is

Any legendaries
Any event Pokemon
Any shinies, of course
And any Pokemon that are not in this list

Hope I helped!

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