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Such as, if there is a Pokémon in blue unobtainable with its hidden Ability in USUM, or something that is rarer. Or even Pokémon that are really hard to train in USUM that are available in blue. Or Pokémon with strange moves. (Like my selfdestruct snorlax).

I have around 900 Masterballs and rare candies so.

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Smogon probably has a list of transfer-only moves somewhere on their site.

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Pokémon not available at all in USUM

Kantonian Rattata line
Kantonian Sandshrew line
Nidoran lines
Kantonian Vulpix line
Oddish line (exclusive to Red version)
Venonat line
Kantonian Meowth line
Bellsprout line
Kantonian Geodude line
Ponyta line
Doduo line
Kantonian Grimer line
Krabby line
Koffing line

Pokémon not available with their HAs in USUM

Kanto starters
Weedle line
Pidgey line
Voltorb line
Rhyhorn line
Omanyte line
Kabuto line
all legendaries

Pokémon with transfer moves

Basically everything. Here's a comprehensive list of the Pokémon and what moves they get (from this Smogon thread).

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