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Kinda new to Pokemon... I played soulsilver a long while back, but never finished it. I haven't really been interested in any other Pokemon game since, but I want to give Pokemon Y a shot.

One thing that frustrated me in SS was that if I power leveled my Pokemon, they would start ignoring me. I think some kid (irl) told me I need to get a gym badge in order for them to pay attention to me once more.

My question is, does this sort of thing still happen in all the games, and do you think it will happen in future Pokemon games?

Please forgive my ignorance (be gentle).



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Yes they put a limit on how far you can level up before your Pokemon stop listening to you. No this will never change because it stops people from becoming to overpowered I'm the beginning of the game.

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Really? because in Diamond, I got my Piplup evolved and at level 100 before the first gym and it kept listening to me. or is it just for this game?
I guess I should have specified...  In the beginning of the game after you reach your first Pokemon Center or so you can trade pokemon between generated games meaning if you choose to bring a Lv. 50 from one and transfer it to the other you'll be caped to where it won't listen to you after the certain number of badges or certain badges and there is the whole thing with traded pokemon leveling up faster but that's not my point lol
Ok. I guess I understand.
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If you want your Pokemon to obey you, you will need to get gym badges. It goes by the odd number of gyms for the level of Pokemon who will listen to you. The first badge will allow level 30 and below to listen. Badge three will allow level 50, badge five level 70, and badge seven all Pokemon. Usually the even number badges gives you a very nice item or a HM and often you need to beat the gym to use the HM outside of battle, at least in Soul Silver. I can't say too much about Gen V games.