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Whats the most common dual typing?

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People say Fire/Fighting is way too common but there's only three Fire/Fighting Pokemon in the game, [6 is you count NFE's] what typing is the most common.

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Normal/ Flying. There are 24 counting NFEs, 11 counting only fully evolved Pokemon (Swablu changes type).

People only say Fire/ Fighting is overpopulated because the last three Gen's fire starters have ended up as Fire/ Fighting.

Pokemon DB's Dual type chart

Next highest:
Grass Poison at 14 including NFEs, 5 only fully evolved
Flying Bug at 12 including NFEs, 7 only fully evolved (excluding Scyther since it changes type)

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Oh alright... Apart from Normal Flying?
Bug and Poison also with 12.
Yea but it has less if you don't count NFE.
Wow thanks :D