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A long time ago I got a Pokémon game for a Gameboy color. It had already been used so I tested each Pokémon in battle. All was fine until I reached one strange Pokémon. When it came out in battle it was invisible, it didn't take damage from any attacks, and it's attacks had a normal amount of power. The only move I remember is teleport though there were more.
I'm pretty sure it was a hack but I wanted to make sure it was. I also want to know if it had an official name.
I restarted the game later and everything went normally, so I don't think it's a fake game.

I was a glitch Pokemon. very common in old games like Red. You might have encountered one called The Invisible Shiny Bulbasaur. Look it  up on Bulbapedia.
Invisible Shiny Bulbasaur is a gen IV glitch, but with so many glitch pokemon in Gen I.
Here's a list:
I take it you're referring to Missingo off the coast of Cinnabar Island?????

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It is possible that GameFreak was unaware of a glitch Pokemon inside of the game. The games for Pokemon are not at all fake, that is, unless it is a hack game. Hope this helps!

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