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I was going to do the Ditto glitch, but then I realized the DS I had Gen 1 was also the DS I had my preferred Gen 2 file, and my other DS only has Gold. Now, I know I could play through Gold on DS #2, trade it to Yellow on DS #1, and then trade back to Gold on DS #2 and trade it to Crystal on DS #1, but I think it might just be better to buy either Blue or Red on DS #2. SO, please list all the differences, and (if applicable) state which one to get. Thanks!

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The only thing I can think of are Game Corner and Version Exclusives

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There are only a couple difference in the games with the Pokemon you can get (and color palette)

For Red the version exclusives are Ekans/Arbok Odish/Gloom/Vileplume Mankey/Primeape Growlithe/Arcanine Scyther and Electabuzz

For Red the Game Corner difference are Abra costs 180, Clefairy costs 500, Dratini costs 2800, Scyther costs 5500, and Porygon costs 9999

For Blue the version exclusives are Sandshrew/Sandslash Vulpix/Ninetales Meowth/Persian Bellsprout/Weepinbell/Victreebel Magmar and Pinsir

For Blue the Game Corner differences are Abra costs 120, Clefairy costs 750, Drantini costs 4600, Pinsir costs 2500, and Porygon costs 6500

Source: https://gamerant.com/pokemon-red-blue-similarities-differences/

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How do you know these are the only differences?