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when a Pokemon gets hit by Water Pulse it somewhat gets confused but how?


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In a few of the descriptions for Water Pulse, it notes that Water Pulse is a move where the user fires ultrasonic waves at the target. You know how bats use echolocation to find where they are? Well think of it like the user is shooting those bat noises all over the target, and the target, being a Pokemon has very good hearing, becomes disoriented by these noises and becomes confused. I hope that wasn't too hard to follow :)

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As I know. Water Pulse Has 20% chance to confuse the target. as you know it says "Attacks With Ultrasonic Waves" Ultrasonic waves was some kind of annoying sounds that may blow your mind if you heard it for too long. I mean it will damage your hearing systems. that's why it will confuse the opponent when it's attacked by this move.