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So here's two questions about the move Soak:

  1. So what happens if you use Soak on a Pokemon that is a Water dual type, for example Swampert, which is Water and Ground. Will it than become Water type or stay Water and Ground?
  2. What happens if you use Soak on a Pokemon with Water Absorb? Like Jellicent for example, will it heal it, or will it correspond with the question above and change to Water type or stay Water and Ghost type?
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Well, for the Jellicent one, I think it would heal it. I think status moves that affect the opponent that's the type of their absorbing ability will get absorbed (Does that make sense?). For example, using Thunder Wave on Jolteon will activate Volt Absorb.

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If you you use soak on a dual type pokemon, like swampert, it turns into a single water type pokeomn.

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It WONT absorb/heal it and will, like above turn into a pure water type.

Thank you very much.