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Is it true that the higher the power of the attack, the more HP the Pokemon with the ability gains?

e.g:Thunder heals more than Spark and Hydro Pump heals more than Bubblebeam.

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No, this is not true.

Volt Absorb and Water absorb heal a set amount of HP, 1/4 or 25%. So it doesn't matter wether you were hit by Thunderbolt or Thunder, it will always heal 25%.

Source 1 and source 2.

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This is not true,the ability heals the holder of the ability 25% of its max HP.
Source:Knowledge and this and this.

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Shouldn't it be no? Thunder and Spark would both heal 25% of your Pokémon's max HP. Anyway, the way you say 'the user of 25% its max HP' makes it sound like the opponent is healed...
Sorry that's what I meant