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Do you have to transfer a Suicune to Gen 7 and it's ability will change? Or is there some other way?

I'm pretty sure it's impossible, but I don't have a reliable source.
It's ability is Pressure now. You cannot get Water Absorb on it anymore.
Event only huh? Man, Pressure just seems so useless.

(EDIT): I recently researched Pressure and discovered I was reading the description wrong. I thought it said Pressure raises foe's PP, as in giving them more to use. But really, Pressure makes the foe's moves use more PP than usual so they run out faster. Not so useless anymore eh?

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As the comments have already mentioned it's impossible to obtain one legitimately. Suicune's hidden ability was changed to Inner Focus in Generation 7, losing the Water Absorb ability completely. Suicunes caught in-game are all Pressure, and all that were distributed were all Pressure as well, as shown here.

Also if you hover over Water Absorb in Suicune's info page in Bulbapedia, it says that the ability was never made available legitamately.

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Whoa, the Mewderator answered my question. ☉_☉