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I thought their abilities were cool. Is there any legit way to get these three with their HAs?
In case you guys didn't know, here are their Hidden Abilities:

SuicuneSuicune: Water Absorb
EnteiEntei: Flash Fire
RaikouRaikou: Volt Absorb

Please site your sources when you answer. Thank you!


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As of currently, you can't, unless you hack.

No event has given out Suicune/ Entei/ Raikou's hidden abilities, nor were they available in the Dream Radar or Dream World, nor has there been any event in Gen VI for their hidden abilities as of date.

They're just some of the legendaries that have unreleased hidden abilities.

List of Nintendo Event Pokemon
Pokemon Dream Radar

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Alright! Thanks for answering! I hope they release an event for them with their Hidden Abilities sometime...