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Cause it says three Pokemon perished in a fire and were revived I want to know what they were

where does it say that?

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There is no real answer. There has been much specualtion though, and some people say they were Eeveelutions before. Like: Vaporeon—> Suicune; Flareon—> Entei; Jolteon—> Raikou. Some have even said the legendary beasts were regular animals at one time. Entai was a lion, Raikou was a leopard, and Suicune was a she-wolf. However, that is very unlikely.
The most logical theory is the Eeveelution one.

Eevees evolve into Eeveelutions of the element they are exposed to,
and Ho-oh gave them an "overdose" of those elements by embodying them
with these from the events.

Bulbapedia Talk of the Legendary Dogs

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Thats the most illogical theory .
don't necropost, and it is actually a solid theory; when burned tower burned down, there were Pokemon inside representing the events. those pokemon perished and Ho-oh revived them into the legendary dogs (Raikou, Entei, and Suicune). The represented the lightning that struck the tower, the fire that burned it, and the rain that put it out. The only 3 Pokemon that had this description at the time was Vaporeon, Jolteon, and Flareon. This also makes sense because of similar color schemes. And yes, this is canon, it is from G/S/C, and was revisited in HG/SS.
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Nobody really knows, but I'm gonna state some points here...
> every time a new Volcano appears, a new baby [entei] is born.

So if you analyze that sentence more carefully, you can indicate that there is a whole race of Entei's. it would not a bad guess to say that there is a whole race of Suicune's and Raikou's.

Seeing that's the case, reviving something usually done so the person/thing could come back is it's previous phyical appearance.

Now that we know that, it could be safe to assume that when the 3 dogs died in the fire, they died having the same physical aspects as when the were revived.

No one really knows, but if you gather up your facts and make some guesses in between, you may get the answer.