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What is so special about the Zoroark you get by transfering shiny Raikou, Entei, and Suicune? When you can evolve Zorua at lvl 30.
Just Wondering.

Well I don't think you can actually get zorua in the game
(just wondering)
Yes you can get zorua there is a boy (dont know where is or name) but if you have celibe you can talk to him and he will turn into a zorua but celibe has to be your party leader
he is in the game freak bulding

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Zorua cannot be caught in-game, and even then, getting a Zorua also requires a transfer event. So either way, you need an event to get Zoroark.

Oh I thought you could get Zorua. My Bad. Thanks for clarifying.
You can
Only the Celebi from the upcoming Celebi Wi-Fi Event will be able to unlock the Zorua.
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Zorua and Zoroark can't be caught in normal gameplay. Getting Zorua aquires the event celebi (Zorua is a gift)

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