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E.g. my opponet used a water type move, and my Vaporeon had an Absorb Bulb, and the ability Water Absorb. What would activate first?

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The ability would activate first.

Source: Experience, as it already happened to me.

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#1) The Ability
#2) The Item

Absorb Bulb's effect would be ignored.
Source: Experience.

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>The Absorb Bulb boosts the holder's Special Attack by +1 when it is hit by a Water-type move, and is consumed upon use. Does not grant immunity to Water-type moves. If held by a Pokemon with Water Absorb, Storm Drain, or Dry Skin, the ability will activate first if a Water-type move is used, so the Absorb Bulb's effect will not activate, unless the holder's ability is changed.

The ability would activate, and the Absorb Bulb's effect will be ignored.


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