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I want all the eeveelustion, so please tell me which level I should evolve my eevees for each evolvetion. For example you should evolve your eevee at level ... for Leafon. Please help me! Thank you! :)


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Level them up as soon as you can since the moves they learn as Eevee don't benefit them at all!

Just for if you would want more information on their evolution method

You need the following items and locations to evolve tge various eeveelution.


Water Stone
Fire Stone

The evolution stones can be exchanged in the battle subway at the cost of 3 BP per stone
(sorry for this error, they can't be purchased in black and white, only in black and white 2. I confused the 2 ›.‹)
Sooth Bell
-Espeon ( at daytime)
-Umbreon( at night)


Pinwheel Forrest
-Leafeon (level up near moss rock)

Twist Mountain
-Glaceon ( level up near ice rock)

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Thanks! Very helpful! ;)
I am glad it helped.
2 minor possibilities is that you can level Eevee up to lv.37 to get double edge, but this is only good for Flareon.
If you really want a baton passer, you can level Eevee up at lv.33 and evolve it then but these are just minor suggestions and I am glad it was of use for you :)