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I want to add Minncino to my team, but I don't know when to evolve it. Anything would be great help

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It depends on the ability.

If your Minccino has the hidden ability Skill Link or the main ability Technician, then evolve it right away to Cinccino, since Cinccino has access to moves like Bullet Seed, Rock Blast, and Tail Slap. These moves always hit 5 times with Skill Link, with a base power of 125 for Bullet Seed and Rock Blast, and a base power of 187.5 with Tail Slap since it includes STAB.

For Technician, each hit for Bullet Seed and Rock Blast is powered up to 37.5, and for Tail Slap the STAB and the ability would power it up to 56.25 base power for each hit.

Although Technician doesn't make Bullet Seed, Rock Blast, and Tail Slap hit 5 times, it still has power for each strike.

2 Times with Technician: Bullet Seed/Rock Blast- 75 Base Power; Tail Slap- 112.5 Base Power
3 Times: Bullet Seed/Rock Blast- 112.5 Base Power; Tail Slap- 168.75 Base Power
4 Times: Bullet Seed/Rock Blast- 150 Base Power; Tail Slap- 225 Base Power
5 Times: Bullet Seed/Rock Blast- 187.5 Base Power; Tail Slap- 281.25 Base Power

If your Minccino has Cute Charm, evolve it after it knows Wake-Up Slap at level 31, since it knows Wake-Up Slap, which is a great coverage against Steel and Rock types that are not very affected by Normal types. You should also teach Minccino some TMs like Dazzling Gleam for coverage against Fighting types, and Return if your Minccino has max happiness included with STAB.

Hope I helped :)

Wake-up slap is still helpful when Cinccino's ability is technician or skill link, so I think it should still be evolved at level 31.
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Level 31

Mincinno learns wake-up slap at level 31. It will not learn it as cincinno, and it is a decently powerful fighting move.

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Well if it's for story play through i'd evolve it whenever you've got a good moveset for it, in my opinion the moves minccino learns when leveling up are trash, but cinccino learns rock blast and bullet seed from the move relearner anyway. Depend a lot on the ability too, if it does have skill link then you can evolve it anytime because of how you learn the moves stated above.
if it is just for story though i'd personally evolve it as soon as it learns wake up slap because after that the moves it learns aren't great. It learns wake up slap at level 31 so consider it then.