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So I really want to get a Dusknoir with Sucker Punch... Buuuuut it's a Gen IV only move tutor move.
So my question is, If I teach a male Duskull/Clops/Noir Sucker Punch in my Platnium, then trade it to Black 2 and breed it with a female Duskull/Clops/Noir, will the Egg have Sucker Punch?
I know it's a kind of desperate thing, but Dusknoir with Sucker Punch is SO MUCH FUN to abuse...
Any help or suggestions are welcome :)

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Couldn't you just trade a Dusknoir with Sucker Punch from Platinum, and just use that, instead of breeding?

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That's what I intend to do if I can't breed it down. I'd like to know if I can breed it down though, as it means I can go for different EV builds and whatever