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So I'm trying to give my Pokemon Home HA Cinderace sucker punch by breeding him with my gengar I caught in game. The problem I'm not getting any eggs from them, and I want to know why.

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You aren't getting any eggs because they are in different egg groups. Cinderace is in the Field and Human-Like egg group while Gengar is in the Amorphous egg group. If you want Sucker Punch, I would recommend you breed a female Cinderace with a Male Galarian Mr. Mime that knows Sucker Punch. You could also breed Cinderace with Inteleon, Shiftry if you have Sword or Theivul if you need to. Keep in mind they need to be make though.
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They have different egg groups.
You need a Pokémon in the field or human like egg group to breed with cinderace. Pokémon such as dugtrio, shiftry, and inteleon can learn sucker punch and breed with it. Your cinderace has to be female unless you are breeding with a ditto to have scorbunny eggs. And the other parent must be male for them to even have eggs.