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Hello. I'm currently playing Pokemon Y. I have two Torchics that I want to breed with the ability, egg moves, and nature I want. I got a male Torchic with the Speed Boost ability, and I got a female Torchic with the egg moves and Jolly nature. I don't seem to be getting the Speed Boost ability with the offspring, just the nature and egg moves. The female one is holding an Everstone and the male one is holding nothing. Is there a way to breed the two and get really lucky on getting the ability, or is there another way?

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Male Pokemon cannot pass down Hidden Abilities unless bred with Ditto.

It is only possible for female parents to pass down Hidden Abilities, a male Pokemon can only pass down a Hidden Ability if it is bred with Ditto.
So if you want the egg moves, nature and the ability, you will have to breed a female Torchic with Speed Boost, breed with the appropriate Pokemon egg moves, and wait until you get one with a jolly nature.

Source: Experience and this.

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Okay. Thank you. I'm still kinda new to the whole Pokemon breeding thing ^^;
You're welcome.
Wrong. Male Pokemon have a 20% chance of passing down abilities.
Males have a 20% chance to pass down normal abilities, but cannot pass down Hidden Abilities when bred with a Pokémon from the same egg group.
Much easier with females though.